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Mode Of Action Glutamine synthetase is the enzyme which catalyses the reaction of NH3 and glutamic acid to form glutamine. Ammonia results from nitrate reduction, amino acid metabolism and photorespiration.
Glufosinate-ammonium inhibits the activity of Glutamine synthetase. This leads to the accumulation of NH3 in the cell. As NH3 is strongly phytotoxic, the affected cells die.
This is macroscopically manifested in necrotic spots and finally withering of plant. Wilting of exposed weeds may start within 24 hours in the tropics or only after 8 days in cool continental spring or autumn temperatures.


Benefits of using Basta®

Broad-spectrum: Controls broad leaf and grassy weeds

Safety: Being  a contact herbicide, Basta is relatively safer to crop when sprayed with hood as compared to the non-selective systemic herbicides.

Superior efficacy :Controls ‘hard-to-kill’ weeds like Borreria & Eleusine in tea gardens and other plantation crops.

Safe to environment: No residues in soil, water and plant.

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