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P3501 CORN

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This hybrid is a kharif hybrid which offers excellent stress tolerance because of its deep root characteristics & it also has excellent cob and grain attributes. It’s a notified hybrid.



Fertilizer Management

  • It is advisable to follow N: P: K application at the rate of 48:24:20 per acre for best yields.
  • All P & K and 1/3 of N should be applied as basal dose at the time of sowing.
  • Balance Nitrogen can be applied in two split doses — first dose between 35-40 days and the second dose at the time of tassels emergence.
  • Basal application of Zinc Sulphate at 10 kg/acre is also recommended.
  • Application of organic manure/rotten compost/FYM at the rate of 8mt/acre is most ideal for increased yield.

Irrigation Schedule

  • Regular irrigation should be given in Corn at an interval of 6-10 days depending upon soil and climate. Avoid excessive irrigation or water stagnation in the field up to 30 days.

The Critical Stages for Irrigation are as follows:

  • Just after germination
  • Knee height stage
  • Pollination stage
  • Grain development stages

Note: It is very essential to maintain moist conditions during pollination to grain filling stage for better disease tolerance and corn yield. Healthy crop can resist and delay the disease occurrence. In case if the soils are heavy, irrigation should be light & frequent. However adjust the number of irrigations based on environmental conditions.

Weed Control & Crop Protection

  • Spray Atrazine @ 2.5gm/litre water with 200-250 litre water/acre as pre-emergence weed control.
  • For effective control of stem borer it is advisable to spray Endosulphan @ 2ml/litre at 15 DAS followed by application of Carbofuran 3G granules @ 3kg per acre in the whorls at 30 DAS.
  • It is still advisable to spray Tilt 25EC @ 200 ml/acre for protection against rusts & other leaf diseases. A repeat spray after 15 days of first application is necessary for effective control.
  • Stalk rot must be managed by ensuring proper drainage in the field and water management.
  • Late wilt an emerging problem in corn can be effectively managed by growing tolerant hybrids & following basic agronomic practices like deep ploughing, timely planting, balanced fertilizer application (especially Potassium), crop rotation & field sanitation.
  • Regular irrigation to keep the soil continuously moist (do not allow the field to dry) keeps the late wilt pressure under control.
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